June 29,2021

"I put these inspirational decor pieces up in my house - here's what happened after a week!" 

Elisa Moore, like most other mothers of two, spent the majority of the day making sure everything was taken care of at the house and that her family had everything they needed. Her two sons, Jake and Malcolm, were in grades 4 and 6. Part of being a mother has always been about making sure her children and husband have a great environment at home.

Staying home more than ever, it was imperative that the house was decorated to inspire our loved ones. I had been looking around for some time for some decor that I could hang up in our living room, dining room and more to keep our family connected. Especially now that everyone was spending more time at home than ever before. 

“Home is a story of who we are and a collection of things we love!”

She came across Moments Engraved, which had hundreds of different pieces for her house. She could get personalized family names, children's names, scripture signs and so much more. Elisa immediately knew that a little refresh of her home would probably do her husband and children some good! 

With extremely reasonably priced products, she got pieces in the colors that matched the decor and aesthetic in her house. Within a few days, her new decor had arrived right to her doorstep. From order to receiving the item, she was extremely impressed with the whole process. Putting up the pieces were extremely easy as well, she was able to get it done without even her husbands help which I'm sure even he could appreciate!

Within a few days, the new wall decor became the center of attention for everyone including my kids. They asked me, "What does this mean?" 

I was enamored to tell them what a scripture was, what it meant and why it was something that we as a family showcased this in our home. Even more surprisingly, even my husband after a few days told me that the decor on the walls was one of the last things he saw before leaving the house for work each day. He said to me, "Those scriptures really stay imprinted in my head as I'm working all day and it keeps me close to our faith."

Best of all, this decor cost me less than the wall art I've seen at Walmart or Target. Moments Engrave has an overstock collection where they literally give away their excess decor pieces away for FREE. All I had to do was cover the cost of shipping, which was extremely reasonable and a great deal!

What’s the Overstock Collection?

  • What designs make it into the Overstock Collection?

    With hundreds of product lines, we are constantly rotating in new designs and rotating out old designs. In order to do this, Moments Engraved often needs to liquidate their older designs to make room for new designs especially during new seasons. 

  • What is the pricing for these products?

    The Overstock Collection comes with a very special offer for customers. All customers have to do is cover the cost of shipping, the products are 100% FREE! 

  • How long will these pieces be available?

    They have limited inventory for any of the products in their Overstock Collection. Additionally, these offers are always in high demand so they do not guarantee how long these offers will last. It's always best to act fast!