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Deer Antler Monogram
Deer Antler Monogram
Deer Antler Monogram
Deer Antler Monogram
Deer Antler Monogram
Deer Antler Monogram

Deer Antler Monogram

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Customize a beautiful deer antler monogram made out of high quality steel with the name and letter of your choice. Each deer antler monogram is handcrafted just for you and finished to perfection. Every piece is powder coated to give you the flexibility to hang it indoors or outdoors without worrying about weather conditions or rusting.


Why metal art? The answer for us was simple. We were tired of the standard decor you could find at any local retailer. We wanted to use a new medium mixed with personalization to give customers unique home decor pieces. We help turn what matters most such as family names, children's names, loved one's names, and more into stunning home decor pieces. This breathtaking piece of decor is NOT found in any store and is sure to leave your friends & loved ones in awe!



  • Dimensions: We offer four sizes, approximately 18 by 15 inches, 24 by 21 inches, 30 by 27 inches and 36 by 33 inches. The dimensions may change slightly depending on the monogram initial and length of name.
  • Extremely easy to hang anywhere you want, simply use nails or screws and hang it up.
  • Come with multiple finishes, which include shiny steel, black paint, bronze and patina.
  • Comes with the choice of outdoor coating or indoor coating.
  • Made with highly durable 18-gauge steel.

*Please note: Orders made as received and the preview images are examples. There are more customer examples for reference at the bottom of this page. It is recommended that 10 characters or less to be used for the name on this monogram. More than 10 characters can be used but we cannot guarantee aesthetic quality.


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